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02/2021 wind solo - installation

How can we make the force of nature - wind - tangible in a new way?

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wind solo was planned as a temporary, site-specific installation in the cherry plantations in weimar. The project explores the forces of nature.
The aim of the installation was to hand over control of the outcome and experience to nature
The power of the wind can be experienced differently by the viewers.

The elusiveness of the wind is captured in many snapshots and a new overall picture emerges.

The installation creates an abstract protocol of the wind strength and wind direction of the day.

The wind pushes a horizontal wind wheel - the rotating movement is translated into a more powerful, vertical rotating movement by five gear wheels. Slowly a catapult stretches, a magazine releases a rolled-up ball and finally it discharges the tension - a red projectile flies off. The individual elements of the installation give off different characteristics of the wind:

the wind direction - influences the sail and the direction in which the red projectiles fly

the wind strength - influences the rhythm, the number and the speed of the thrown objects

2021_01_13_übersetzung zahnräder 3.png

site specific research: 

left side: 
close-up of 
a fungus that grows on the plantation with a microscope

right side:
close-up of
the plantation on open street maps 

Screenshot (723).jpg
pilz 2 2.jpg
Screenshot (724).jpg
Screenshot (725).jpg
pilz 2 1.jpg

teamwork with:
Beatriz Oria Lombardía 
Constantin Graw

Guest prof. Katrin Krupka
M.A Susann Paduch 

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